Multimeter UNI-T UT61E add Bluetooth module

Hi, this is first post I try to write in english, sorry for my bad english.
Today I write about my UNI-T UT61E multimeter. This have a UART cable to connect with computer, and then we can save us results, but… On my desk I don`t have a place for cable… and then I thought I colud make „wireless cable” via bluetooth, and it works.

I started with schematic:

Schematic is very simple, I was afraid I would have to use MAX232N (because I don`t have it), but here is unnecessary 🙂 .

I use:

  • 1 transistor 2N7000
  • 1 Resistor 2,2kΩ
  • Bluetooth HC-05
  • Male connector DB9
  • 2x 118650 AKU
  • box for 2x 118650 ( in series, because I have only this )
  • 1 step-down DC DC LM2596 converter

With tools I use:

  • RS232 USB converter (in example this: PL2303HX ) for change Bluetooth settings.

To do this I must change HC-05 UART settings, this make with AT+UART=19200,1,0 command, and then you can change name and password at your discretion.
After this I must change step-down DC DC LM2596 converter to 5V on output (in the input is 2×118650 Aku 🙂 ), and then I must connect this as a schematics, and it works 🙂

After connection, and power this, it works simply 🙂



Sources, which help me to realize this project:

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